Wednesday, August 3, 2011

My First Blog Award!!

Wow, I only started my blog a little over a week ago, and to my surprise, Candy over at Candy's Craft Corner has awarded me with my very first Blog Award!!

I am so excited as I was very nervous about starting my own blog.  There are so many talented crafters out there that have such beautiful blogs!!  At this point, mine is super simple as I ave not figured out how to get those fancy dodad's on my blog!!  Anyway,
In order order to accept this award I have to tell a few things about myself and then pass this on to a few bloggers. Here it goes:
1. My husband is the one that actually got me into papercrafing. 
I bet he regrets that now!!  LOL :)
2. My friend Beth bought me my Pink Expression as a thank you for sprucing up her wedding invitations!  What a GREAT friend!!!
3. I love DOGS, and would have more if I could!!  2 of my 3 Spoiled Dogs are rescues!!
4. I love everything "TINKERBELL"
5. I am a die-hard "So You Think You Can Dance" fan.

So now, I pass this award on to:

Thank You so much Candy!!
Hugs and Kisses,


GiGi said...

Thank you SO MUCH Kathy! I am truly honored that you gave me this award!
P.S. I LOVE your pups! I also have a Yorkie! :)

Trail of Treasures said...

You are too, too sweet Miss Kathy! Thank you so much, I really appreciate it! I can relate to you as well about starting the blog - it definitely takes a big push but once you're here, you love it! :) You deserve the award and your blog is gonna rock! :)

I've received so many blog awards but it makes me panic so I just decided to not do anything about them. I really appeciate though Kathy! :) Keep up the great work that you do!!

Big hugs,